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Help using our shops database:

Firstly from the home screen either register and then login or visit usig the "Continue browsing as a Guest"

Select the orange "Different type of shop" and then scroll down and select the type of shop you are looking for. e.g. "Chemits"

In the new screen called Detail View select/click the Shop Details

You will now have a list of available Chemist you can scroll through the list and then click  either the type of shop (Chemist) or the name of the shop (Boots) this will take you to the details of the shop you have selected. If under website there is a world icon click to go to the indivudual shops website.

You can also use the Quick Search at the top of the list view to search all of our database, you can type anything there. e.g. address, postcode, name, type etc.

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