St George's Walk

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A Link to St Georges Walk
A Link to St Georges Walk

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St George's Walk is a covered shopping parade in the centre of Croydon, London that houses many independent stores. It was completed in 1964 by Ronald Ward and Partners, the designers of St George's House and Millbank Tower. It runs parallel to the Croydon Clocktower arts facility runs between the Croydon Grant's entertainment venue and Wellesley Road. Nestlé's UK headquarters, St George's House, forms part of the complex at the Wellesley Road end.
This shopping area is substantially less busy than its competitors in Croydon, Centrale, the Whitgift Centre and Surrey Street Market. This is partly because the parade doesn't house any well-known chains other than a branch of discount clothing retailer Madhouse.
There was a plan to tear down St George's Walk by 2011 and replace it with the new Park Place shopping centre which would span from North End to Queen's Gardens. There had been little local opposition, but the owners of the shops facing eviction weren't offered places in the new shopping centre proposed by Minerva plc. Croydon Council terminated the scheme in May 2009 due to planning permission having lapsed on the venture and concerns over funding, and a new redevelopment scheme to attract retailer John Lewis to the town was being investigated.